Brother Nancy, Brother Tiger and the butter lunch

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El hermano Araña y el hermano Tigre estaban trabajando juntos y decidieron llevar una lata de mantequilla para el almuerzo. Pero cuando fueron a comer ¡ya no había mantequilla! ¿Quién se la comió? Este relato de la comunidad raizal del Archipiélago de San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina, está en inglés.

-- Letra --

Once upon a time Brother Nancy and Brother Tiger went to work and carried between them one pan of butter to eat once they had finished their work.
While they were working, Brother Nancy cried out,
—Brother Tiger, they’re calling me to bless a baby–, and off he went.

When Brother Nancy got back, Brother Tiger asked him,
—What name did you all give the baby? And Nancy said,
—Top gone.

After a while, Brother Nancy called out again,
—Tiger, they’re calling me to go and bless another baby, but I’m not going. Brother Tiger responded,
—No man, you need to go!
So Nancy went off again.

When he returned, Brother Tiger asked him, —What name did you all give the baby this time?
Nancy responded,
—Middle Gone.

Then, they started to work again, and after a while, Brother Nancy once more called out,
—They’re calling me again to bless an- other baby, but there is not way that I’m going this time.
But Tiger said,
—Go, man, go!
So Brother Nancy went off again.

When Nancy got back, Brother Tiger asked him,
—Now what name did you all give this baby? Nancy replied,
—All gone!

When it was time to eat their lunch of butter, there was nothing left in the pan. Brother Tiger got really angry and said that Nancy had eaten the butter. But Brother Nancy insisted that it was Tiger rather who had eaten the butter.

So they decided that they would find out who it was that ate it. Brother Nancy suggested,
—Let’s both lie down in the sun and the one from whom the butter melts, for sure, is the one who ate it.

Now Brother Tiger was so tired from all his work that he immediately dropped off to sleep. Nancy meanwhile got up, took some leftover butter out of the pan and smeared it on Tiger’s mouth and body.

Then, Brother Nancy woke up Brother Tiger and said,
—Look, here is the one who ate the butter! It’s melting out of you all over!
Tiger was so fooled that he said,
—Yes, you’re right; it had to be me.
I ate the butter.

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